Upgrade the customer experience of your hotel

Our comprehensive range of turnkey micro-stores, including the autonomous BOXY Fresh and BOXY Ambient modules, allows the hospitality sector to meet the increasingly demanding needs of customers. It seamlessly adapts to both budget hotels and luxury establishments.

24/7 Accessibility

BOXY modules redefine convenience by providing 24/7 access to a diverse range of products of your choice, eliminating the limitations of minibar offerings and the time constraints of restaurant/room service. From quick on-the-go meals to more upscale products, everything is easily accessible for your customers.

Customer satisfaction and increased sales

Customers value the convenience of continuous access to a wide variety of products, enhancing their overall experience. Furthermore, self-service access consistently encourages spontaneous purchases, facilitating additional revenue generation effortlessly.

Universal Adaptability

BOXY fridges and furniture seamlessly integrate into various environments, whether it's a lobby, a restaurant, a breakfast area, or even a hotel corridor. This provides a flexible solution suitable for establishments of all scales, from modest to luxurious

...with ease

Operational Optimization

BOXY modules enable the automation of retail spaces, allowing hotels to enhance operational efficiency and simplify workforce management.


The Food & Beverage teams or hotel owners themselves have complete control over the content of the fridges, whether it's prepared meals, snacks, refreshing beverages, or non-food items like hygiene and technological products, etc. This customization provides a unique experience for guests while preserving the hotel's brand.

Simplified Management

BOXY fridges and furniture are remotely managed through a digital platform, allowing real-time monitoring of stock levels, sales, temperatures, and more. This enables teams to respond promptly to changes in demand and avoid product losses.

By integrating the BOXY solution, hotels enhance the customer experience and gain a competitive advantage by offering an innovative service while optimizing their internal operations.

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