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Unlock profit instantly with our ready-to-use micro stores for unattended retail spaces.

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BOXY Module:
a ready-to use micro store

Smart pods to sell food and non-food products, 24/7, wherever you want, while providing unparalleled service to your clients, residents or employees.

Nos solutions s’adaptent à chaque environnement privés et semi-publics, et se gèrent en toute simplicité, vous assurant un maximum de rentabilité en un minimum de temps !

Boost your profitability through self-service

Our modules, equipped with cutting-edge technology, enable simplicity of management and delightful customer experience.

Tickets accuracy > 99.8%
Easy management
Frictionless user experience
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Handle your operations effortlessly

Our built-in software enables incredibly easy management of your self-service fleet and sales optimisation. You have access to all your module information, at any time.

Daily management of just 15 minutes!
In-real time data
Sales and inventory forecasting
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Offer a seamless experience to your users

Users have the option to make their purchases 24/7 thanks to the integrated payment kiosk in your modules.

Accessible 24/7
Fast and secure payment
Payment by credit card or meal vouchers
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Our products

BOXY Fresh module

Pod for storing a wide range of fresh products (excluding frozen): prepared meals, meat products, cheeses, raw and pasteurised milk, and more...

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BOXY Ambient module

Pod for storing all types of dry food products and non-food items (hygiene, electronics, books, etc...)

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Simple et intuitif pour les utilisateurs

A person scanning a phone

Scannez pour ouvrir la porte

Utilisez l’application ou votre moyen de paiement pour ouvrir la porte

A person grabbing a bottle of water from a BOXY autonomous fridge In an office

Prenez vos produits

Servez-vous et refermez la porte quand vous avez terminé vos achats

Recevez votre ticket

Dès la fermeture de la porte, vous recevez le reçu de vos achats

Quick installation and personalized support


Delivery & Set up

Complete set up by our teams

A dedicated customer team

Support and assistance 7 days a week

Peace of mind

Remote and on-site interventions by our teams

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the technology work?

The shelves in the pods are equipped with scales to detect the weights of the products taken by the users. This data is used by the software to update the inventory and plan replenishments. This enables precise inventory tracking and replenishment management.

Can we store all types of products in the modules?

Our BOXY Fresh modules allow for the storage of all types of fresh food items (mayonnaise, sandwiches, yogurt, deli meats, etc) except for frozen items.
Our BOXY Ambient modules can accommodate any product that does not require refrigeration, including chips, cakes, candies, as well as hygiene products, electronics, books, and magazines, and more!

What do I need to install a module?

Just a plug and a 4G connection!